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Frequently Asked Questions??


1.  How do I order a custom Photography On Wood art piece instead of the ones already offered for sale?

  • Please contact me directly through my contact page about which image you are interested having on a custom "Photography On Wood" one of a kind piece. 

2.  Do you ship Photography On Wood art pieces. 

  • Yes, all "Photography On Wood" art pieces can be shipped using UPS. 

3.  Will you put my family photo or my own landscape photo on a custom Photography On Wood art piece.

  • YES
  • If you choose to do one of your photos, please send the highest quality image you have.
  • Cell Phone pictures are not a good choice, but if that is what you have I suggest not doing anything larger than an 11x14.  To get the best possible version from your phone, do not send the image straight from your phone by email etc, hook up your phone directly to a computer and download the image, then send that image.  Please keep in mind that cell phone pictures may look fabulous on your phone and computer screen, but that does not mean they will actually print well at all.
  • If the image you have sent is an image owned by another photographer or artists and violates copyright laws, your order will be canceled and money refunded.  An email will be sent explaining why you order was canceled.

4.  How is the Photography On Wood process done?

  • It is done using a chemical transfer process.  No mod podge!  Only the ink is put into the wood grain.  The art piece is then sanded and sealed before delivery to the customer. 

5.  How am I getting a one of kind art piece if other people can choose the same fine art print photo for their orders?

  • This is because of the wood.  Each piece becomes completely unique whether the same image or not because no two pieces of wood are ever the same, in color, wood grain and other unique characteristics such as knots, cut, etc.  No two EVER come out the same.

6.  How long does it take to get a custom Photography On Wood art piece from start to finish?

  • Each custom Photography On Wood art piece are completely hand made to order.  The wood plank must be measured, cut, sanded, glued and left to dry.  After dry the wood is chemically treated to accept the ink from the fine art print of your choice.  This process can take a couple days to finish.  After dry and all the chemicals have evaporated just leaving the ink in the wood, the piece is sanded again and sealed.  Total process can average 1 week after order is placed.  The finished piece is them packaged and shipped to you.

7.  Do I need to pay shipping if I live close to your location?

  • If you live in within 20 miles of Wapato, Wa, contact me directly before placing order and I can set up a different electronic invoice that does not have shipping.  We can then arrange a delivery date and location.
    All other orders outside that mileage are shipped through UPS.