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Freezing Nights

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Gonna be super cold tonight, but the skies are supposed to be clear, and....  I can use my heated sweatshirt my husband got me for xmas just for shooting at night..  Hoping to get to the Gable house tonight and do some tracking and long exposures of Orion over the Gable house.  

My new sweatshirt my husband got me is just awesome!!!  It has a hook up inside the back that holds my Makita drill battery, which then heats up the sweatshirt as you wear it.  LOVE IT!!!  I better get that battery on the charger before I forget.

I will be using my Vixen Polarie star tracker mount tonight.  Great purchase by the way.  I bought this item about 2 years ago now.  It allows me to take very very long exposures, up to 6 minutes if I want using the right lens.  So tonight I want to frame in the Gable house with Orion above it and try and get as much as the nebulas as I can in all their color.  Would really like to head up White Pass, but I can imagine how cold it is up there tonight, and I need to prescout a spot first.

Hope you are all well and having a wonderful holiday season.  I am enjoying the snow in my neck of the woods.