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Olympics Photography Road Trip

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I do love the Olympics in Washington state!  So beautiful all the time no matter the weather, sun, rain, wind.

I stayed at the Quileute Resort with our 5th wheel trailer.  We like this location, the people are great, it is quiet and you get to stay right at the edge of the beach.  What a way to wake up every morning.  They have a nice store right there with very decent regular grocery store prices if you need anything you forgot or run out of.  The town is very small, with a restaurant I have not tried yet, hopefully next time.  There is a marina for the fishing industry and tons of hiking abound in the area. 

Right in the area are of course 1st, 2nd and 3rd beach.  1st beach is right at the resort, very accessible and beautiful.  Just be aware that there are photography rules there about photographing anything that is tribe related.  That is a no no.  2nd and 3rd beaches you need to hike into.  They are not bad.  If you are not in great shape the hill back out can be hard, but just take your time and you will do great.  2nd beach trail and been really improved a lot on the hill down to the beach.  last time I was there, it was all mud, now there are good steps built into the trail with wood.  I still have not been to 3rd beach. 

Next is Rialto Beach, very beautiful.  This beach is much rockier and less sand.  You have to pay attention to the tide charts going to this beach.  It can take you by surprise and you will be stuck hiking through drift wood and forest to get back.  The beach is not very deep.  But at the end is a wonderful place called the "Hole in the Wall", and at the beginning of the beach are wonderful weathered drift wood and old dead standing trees. 

I also ventured to Ruby Beach.  I didn't get much of any pictures at this location as I wanted because the weather was just to wet for my camera even with my rain guard on.  Next Time!!  I was really hoping to get star fish on the rocks as the tide retreated, but there were surprising very few when we were there.  Not sure if it was just too early or what the case was.  This place usually has a lot of them. 

My next location hike was back to the Sol Duc Falls.  I have been there before and have wonderful pictures from that trip, so I focused more on the trees as I hiked and the light was fabulous streaming through the trees.  It was a rare treat to catch the light as I did at this location.  Sun rays through the trees are fabulous.  I had one big shot planned out for this hike, that I chickened out on.  It is a view very few get, cause you have to climb out to the edge of the cliff and look back up at the falls.  It was wet and slick and I was just too nervous I would fall down the ravine.  So...  it didn't happen.  I really regret not trying to get closer for the shot.  I gotta work on that nerve.  I am afraid of close edges on cliffs. 

Well I only picked a few of my favorites to post on the blog.  If you want to see all the images I took from this trip you can get to them here.

Sometimes I think I should go by myself on some of these trips, cause I feel I need to rush with my family waiting on me when I am taking photographs.  But I like to have company and share the moments with them. 

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