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About Me



About Me

Hi, my name is Heidi Ihnen, I am the owner, artist and photographer for Ihnen Photography.  

I specialize in long exposure, storms, auroras (northern lights) and landscape photography.

I travel around taking photographs and exibiting and selling at art shows, festivals and events.  I occosionally enter my work in contests. 

I sell prints and "Photography On Wood" original art pieces.  My "Photography On Wood" is unique and each piece comes out completely different everytime.  I do all the work; from cutting the wood, sanding, plaining, and sealing the wood work.  I then put my images into the wood.  Yes into the wood.  Using a chemical process I transfer the ink from my images directly into the wood grain.  NO MODGE PODGE, only the ink.

Heidi Ihnen - Photographer




ViewBug Photography Awards Won

To see all of my awards from contests and peers at Viewbug click here!

  • Won Contest Finalist April, 2017
  • Won Contest Finalist April, 2017
  • Won Contest Finalist March, 2017
  • Winner in Multnomah Falls in Oregon Photo Challenge March, 2017
  • Winner in the stars... its all about the stars Photo Challenge March, 2017
  • Won Contest Finalist in The Zen Moment Photo Contest February, 2017
  • Won Member Selection Award December, 2016
  • Won Featured June, 2016
  • Won Contest Finalist in Parallel Compositions Photo Contest June, 2016
  • Won Spring Selection Award April, 2016
  • Won Staff Favorite January, 2016
  • Won Featured August, 2016
  • Won Contest Finalist in Vertical Photo Contest July, 2016
  • Won Featured August, 2016
  • Won Staff Favorite April, 2016
  • Won Featured November, 2016
  • Won Contest Finalist in Splendid Bridges Photo Contest October, 2016
  • Won Featured May, 2016

 Hagadone Corporation Black Book Phone Book Cover Photo Contest 2016

This image was captured in the Lower Yakima Valley at the Gable House (old stage coach house).  Behind the house in the sky is the milkyway rising through the night sky.  Methods used were long exposure and light painting of the foreground to illuminate the house.  The upper portion of the house is more orange from a sodium vapor light 1/2 mile down the road on someone's property. 

Gable House Milkyway



Peoples Choice Award Just One Flower Photo Challenge 2016

I captured this image in my home office studio using a black pan filled with an inch of water.  I layed the rose across the pan resting in the water.  Behind the pan in the setup was a large foam presentation board as my reflector.  I had one speedlight pointing at the front of th rose and the second speedlight pointing at the white board to use as fill and back lighting.  Above the setup was a wire hanging over the rose with several bags of water with small pin holes in them.  As they dripped my artifical rain down on the pan of water and rose I took shots. 



WSECU Calendar Contest 2014

This image was captured on a long all nighter driving around capturing lighting and auroras from Ellensburg to Yakima.  I raced to catch up to this storm, but never managed to get as close as I wanted.  So I pulled over and shot from where I was.  The sun was just starting to rise on the eastern horizon as I shot. 



Ellensburg Newspaper Article Auroras in Ellensburg "Capture the northern lights" 2013

This image was captured from the lookout off of I-82 above Ellensburg, Washington.  The funny long cloud on the horizon is actually a long trail of smoke from the summers wild fires buring rampant.  The city lights are from Ellensburg, Washington.